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Integrated Facility Management Services is one of the best ways to
consolidate all services under a single management team and contract.
The core intent of integrated facilities management services is to
streamline communications and make everyday operations easier, deliver
results quickly.

There are two kinds of model:

1. Square feet model: Involves a lumpsum model comprising
manpower, materials & periodic services (tank cleaning,
equipment servicing, general repairs etc). Excludes power &
water bills, diesel and AMCs cost. Lumpsum billing will be
made on square feet basis.
2. Manpower model: Budgeted head count for various facility
management services and billing will be based on actual
attendance. 10% management fee applicable on the total

The residential society (Apartments, Villas) facility management services
ranging from 50 flats to 1000+ flats being managed by us all over

Yes. We can give the contact numbers of our clients with whom you can
interact with and ask for feedback about our facility management services
depending on the locality.

Our key USPs are:
Sayfix is known for highly customer focussed company providing integrated facility management services to residential commercial complexes to reduce . Below are our major focus:

1. One stop solution for all apartment needs – manpower, materials and technology services
2. Cost saving measures initiative – power & water reduction, save natural resources.

3. Sustainable solutions – 100% waste segregation at source, oraganic composting, eco-friendly services garden maintenance & pest management 4. Turnkey projects execution – STP /WTP servicing, Pumps AMC and building audits.

Integrated Services Management Company