Significance of Water Recycling


Significance of Water Recycling

Significance of Water Recycling


What is water recycling?

Water recycling is the purified version of waste-water. This process is performed in order to be able to reuse water again for new purposes.

There have been various myths about reusing dirty water, but with the current top-notch waste-water treatment plants, highest quality recycled water is produced and is suitable for a range of non-drinking needs.

How is water recycled?

Water recycling process is a comprehensive procedure that helps eliminate the contaminants. Primary, secondary and advanced treatments are used to treat this waste-water.

Primary treatment makes use of mechanical and physical processes to eliminate half the contaminants present in the water. Raw sewage, solids, plastics, sticks, rags etc. are removed in this process. This water is then sent to aerated grit chambers to remove the finest dirt particles. In the next step, bio solids are removed and are used for purposes like soil conditioning or composting.

In the secondary treatment, water is sent to aeration basins wherein it is allowed to mix with oxygen. Bacterial microorganisms consume the organic material as food and transform non-settable solids to settable solids.

In the final stage, which is the advanced treatment, water is filtered using sand filters and is disinfected. Chlorination is also performed. The water is now completely treated and recycled and is ready to be sent for use. This stage is termed as the “outfall”.

Benefits of water recycling

  • An effective alternative for irrigation.
  • Helps water and maintain parks and gardens effortlessly.
  • In homes it helps for purposes like car washing, plant watering, toilet flushing etc.
  • Helps conserve depleting ground water.
  • Economically viable solution to conserve water.
  • Promotes fresh water preservation.

Be a responsible human! Reuse, recycle and save water today! That one tiny step you take today, can have a huge impact tomorrow!





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