15 Tiny Little Ways to Save Water at Home


15 Tiny Little Ways to Save Water at Home

15 Tiny Little Ways to Save Water at Home


Water conservation, even to the tiniest droplet has become the need of the hour. Conserving water can start right at our own homes and in a small way. If each of us implements the listed methods to save water, in the long run it is going to have a huge impact on water preservation.


  1. Check for leaks

Even the tiniest leak in your pipe or faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water each day. Fix tiny and large leaks ASAP to prevent huge wastage.


  1. It’s a toilet. Not a wastebasket!

Each time a tissue, a cigarette butt or any trash is flushed down the toilet, about 5-6 gallons of water is wasted easily. Make use of your dustbins liberally.


  1. Water-saving shower-head installation –

Install cost-effective, water saving shower-heads in your bathrooms. They let you use as less as 2.5 gallons of water per minute while bathing.


  1. Shorter showers are the key

Cut down bathing time, take quick showers to prevent water wastage. Turn off shower while soaping up, turn on when you are ready to rinse.


  1. Clean vegetables cautiously

Don’t let your faucet run when you are cleaning veggies. Place water in a pan to do the same.


  1. Watch out when you brush

Don’t keep your water running when you are brushing. Fill water in a mug/glass for rinsing.


  1. Run the machine only for full loads

To ensure optimum water conservation, try to run your washing machine only when you have full loads. For new machine investors, try opting for a water-saver.


  1. Replace with a broom

It is indeed wise to use a broom instead of a hosepipe for cleaning sidewalks, driveways or parking lots.


  1. Plan for rainwater harvest

Store the purest form of water – rainwater, in a tank or a sump to have ample water supply throughout the year and to use for purposes like gardening, toilet flushing, cleaning etc.


  1. The ‘Slow-Flow’ flush idea –

Install a ‘slow-flow flush’ in your toilets to be able to save up to 8 liters of water when compared to the ‘full-flush’ system.


  1. Compulsory detergent check

Always keep a check on the amount of detergent you make use of to rinse your clothes. The more you use, the more water you will require.


  1. Install a water meter

By installing a water meter, you will know the exact amount of water you have consumed. Based on this, you can set a target to minimize your water bill amount.


  1. Smart car wash

Replace your hosepipe with a sponge to clean your car. Needless to say, this will help you save ample amount of water.


  1. Reuse waste water

Reuse waste water from cooking, washing etc. instead of simply flushing them down the drain. The best way to reuse water is to water your plants.


  1. Call for regular inspections

Calling for regular inspections by plumbers or water experts will help you detect leaks at an early stage and will minimize water wastage.


Parents should take time to teach children the importance of saving water. Adults should be responsible in spreading the word. Every family should be aware of the need for water conservation and must act accordingly.

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