Have you checked your cleaning products storage area yet?


Have you checked your cleaning products storage area yet?

Have you checked your cleaning products storage area yet?


Every household makes use of a number of cleaning products like floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, appliance cleaners, kitchen top cleaners, glass top cleaners etc. These products contain toxic substances that are hazards to health and are quite often not kept in proper storage areas.

As a parent, you probably are juggling between several tasks on a given day right from cooking to home cleaning to managing your toddler from time-to-time. Undoubtedly, life is chaotic with kids around and your day is usually packed with schedules. When you have an infant, a toddler or a preschooler at home, the following are the safety-checks you must follow to keep away all home cleaning products up and away from curious little hands. It is indeed a good safety habit to integrate every day.

  • Never forget to read and follow label instructions on all cleaning products for proper use, storage and disposal of the same.
  • Store such products away from food and ensure that they are inaccessible to children and pets.
  • Make sure you store all your cleaning products in their original packaging. Also, please note that product use and storage, disposal instructions, precautions, and first aid instructions vary, according to every product’s ingredients.
  • Ensure that you put away cleaning products as soon as you are done using them. This will help limit its access to your kids and pets and also prevent accidental spillage.
  • Never leave cleaning buckets containing even small amounts of liquid unattended.
  • Never allow toddlers around cleaning buckets while in use.
  • In case of contact with a potential toxic cleaning product, reach out to medical aid immediately.


Ensure you keep a check of the above for hassle-free usage of cleaning products and for a safe home-zone for your children. You could also keep a separate storage area for such products (instead of keeping them all in the kitchen). For instance, a small shelf can be installed in the corner of your balcony or inside your bathroom, far from the reach of your children. Besides letting you store all your cleaning products in one place, this system will also help effortless handling of these toxic goods effortlessly.

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