Five ‘GREEN’ Promises


Five ‘GREEN’ Promises

Five ‘GREEN’ Promises


Cleaning and maintaining of residences and business premises play a vital role in eliminating the spread of bacteria and preserving good health. Not many of us are aware of the fact that usage of strong chemicals, pesticides, disinfectants etc while cleaning can lead to exposure of more toxins within the home-zone and at times can also be intensely dangerous to children or to those with a poor immune system – though the products in itself can turn out to be effective when it comes to the ‘cleaning factor’. After much thought and research, we at SayFix have summed up some simple green hacks that work and without doubt are some of the safest options for an overall healthy wellbeing.

Effective bathroom cleaner: A little vinegar and a pinch of baking soda can go a long way in consistently keeping your bathroom spic and span and removing stubborn grout grime.

Homemade furnish polish: Mix equal parts of olive oil, lemon and water. Apply the solution to a soft cloth to polish your wooden furniture. Repeat whenever necessary.

Sink cleaning surprise: Cleaning your sink is no longer a complicated task. Use half a grapefruit and a tablespoon of salt to rub all over your sink. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse off with water. It cannot get easier and effective than this.

All-purpose citrus spray: From cleaning kitchen counters to window frames, make your own simple all-purpose spray by soaking orange peels in vinegar overnight. Now how simple is that!

Natural air-freshener in a jiffy: Cut-out nasty or stale odors inside your home. Instead of spraying toxic and artificial air fresheners, make your own by using a mason jar. Add drops of different essential oils and use a pinch of baking soda – you’re done!

Follow these simple tips to keep your home clean, healthy, safe and green. Consider making that change today not just for a better home, but for a better environment, a better world and most of all a better tomorrow!

At SayFix we truly believe that going green is not just associated with being pocket friendly, it is also about creating that extra layer of protection both for you as an individual and for your family. In addition to this, risk factors pertaining to health are drastically reduced. For example, a significant amount of clinical research has found that the use of non-organic chemicals can lead to high increases in the occurrences of cancer in both men and women.

SayFix wants to join a hand with you to go that extra mile in saving the planet, saving the environment for your children, saving your time and saving you from every possible wellbeing hazard.

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