6 easy ways to make this ‘Earth Day’ more meaningful


6 easy ways to make this ‘Earth Day’ more meaningful

6 easy ways to make this ‘Earth Day’ more meaningful

Earth Day is not just that ‘one day’ in a year to be environment conscious, given the current global climatic change and the huge impact it has had on the planet! Today is the day, a day for each one of us to make that pledge, a responsible pledge to save Mother Earth.
To be able to decrease the impact, we need to work continually towards it and here are 6 easy ways that could make this Earth Day definitely more significant.

1. Get your hands dirty
Make an effort to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, because the need of the hour is all about planting trees, just about every possible place it can be planted.

2. Switch focus on the switch
Turn out lights/fans/geyser etc. when you head out/when not required/when not in use. This is probably the simplest act one can easily bring to practice and it sure does make a difference.

3. Watch waste disposal
Segregate dry and wet wastes with great care. Compost food waste if you have the space/facility and stay away from plastics.

4. Conserve precious water
Enroll yourself into a good water conservation program to use water responsibly. Rectify leaks quickly. Shower with a shower head than filling a bathtub. Plan for rain water harvest.

5. Implement organic
Organic farming limits toxins in every possible way. Start by growing your own vegetables in your balcony/kitchen garden/terrace.

6. Ditch the wheels
Walk to your workplace or to the supermarket. Ditch the wheels whenever possible. It does plays a vital role in helping reduce pollution.

If each one of us implement the above, there sure will be a change, a change for good and a change for the future. Let’s join our hands to make that vow today, to make the earth a better place to live in. Let’s not forget to REDUCE. RECYCLE. REUSE. RESTORE.

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